Maribel Rodriguez "Sunshine"

Maribel Rodriguez is founder and CEO of Sunshine Personnel Solutions, LLC with over 20 years experience as a business owner, and many years of experience in recruiting staffing and placement for temporary or direct personnel; as well as marketing public interest in staffing temps for each individual company. Sunshine Personnel Solutions, LLC (originally Dependable Temp Service) founded in Houston, Texas, with a strong presence and loyal clients. She opened the staffing firm in May 2014 and has a diversified client base that makes up many important industries. She takes pride in inducing staffing to recruit and place temporary or direct personnel to the Industrial and Professional Industries with her commitment to excellence as top priority. Sunshine Personnel LLC helps companies with their personnel needs and individuals by generating stable and meaningful career opportunities. Maribel’s vision is to deliver services to people that need the most help, with an objective to connect great companies with dynamic people through education and employment. (Source: https://sunshinepersonnelsolutions.com/about-us/)


  • Board Member
  • Founder and CEO, Sunshine Personnel Solutions, LLC
  • Maribel@sunshinepersonnelsolutions.com
Maribel Rodriguez