Tiny Homes & Volleyball Event (Held 10/20/2018) a Tremendous Success!

The Tiny Recreations event this past Saturday was a tremendous success!  Owners and Founders - Rene, Veronica and Alexa Rivera were fabulous hosts and greeted over 250 people who left even more intrigued about this concept than when they arrived.

The Tiny Homes concept is more than just a short-term fad, it represents a cultural shift that is only beginning. The time is NOW to look into this concept and Tiny Recreatons can be with you every step of the way to make this a reality.

Many thanks to Will Thomas and his staff at both Sideout Volleybar and Cosmo Flamingo for allowing us all the space needed in which to carry this event out and for providing both us and all of our guests with excellent service, food and drink! You don't have to play volleyball to have a good and relaxing time here!