Helpful Resource in the Fight Against COVID-19 Featured at Contacts N' Coffee

There are moments of light during these trying times. COVID-19 transmission is a continuing concern for business owners throughout our communities. For those that participated in our most recent Contacts N' Coffee event held this past Tuesday, we all learned that we have a strong ally in JNE Green Team, Inc./UltraCleanUSA!

Many thanks to Pamela Gonzalez and Samuel Eaton from JNE Green Team, Inc./UltraCleanUSA for their inspiring story and their detailed presentation. If your organization is in need of Sanitizing or even Contact Tracing services, Pamela and Samuel are one reach out away!

We want to salute our Members who participated:

Margi Duncan - Margi Duncan - A Primerica Representative,
Jordan Bailey - Payroll Vault - Houston, West Central Area,
Belen Saucedo - iPadel Houston,
Lenora Sorola-Pohlman - Navarro Insurance Group,
Dawn Sabo - Sabo Accounting and Tax Services, P.C.,
J.P. Cortez - MD Anderson Family YMCA,
Cynthia Rivera - The Original Alamo Tamales.

We also want to acknowledge our many visitors. Don't be a stranger!