Business with Pleasure Can and Do Mix

As we have mentioned - Yes, folks, business can, indeed, be mixed with pleasure! Thanks to Logan and Staff at Trash Panda Drinking Club for the fabulous food, drink & hospitality and to Bryan & Ryan from William Price Distilling for joining us!

(A decisive victory by our beloved Houston Astros was a major addition to our festivities as well!)


Major love to our Members who participated in our revelry including:

Jennifer Medrano - Merrill Lynch & Sweet Joy,

J.P. Cortez - RYSS Leonel Castillo Early Childhood STEM Academy,

Hector Castellanos - Hector Castellanos & Signature Financial Advisors (Thanks to Hector for connecting us with William Price!),

Karissa Gutierrez - Vanity Ink Houston- PMU by Karissa,

Maggie Jean - MJs Coaching and Business Solutions LLC,

Martha Beaudry - Martha Beaudry - Boulevard Realty,

Greta Douglas - Greta Douglas,

John Frels - John Frels & American Pacific Mortgage,

Maribel & Alejandro Rodriguez - Sunshine Personnel Solutions, LLC,

Heather Kelly & Dorothy Janish - Dominion Air& Heat LLC,

Logan Pollack - Trash Panda Drinking Club,

Lenora Sorola-Poulman - Lenora Sorola-Pohlman & Navarro Insurance Group


We are very pleased at the tremendous amount of visitors present - Thanks to all who came out and joined us!