What a Blast at our iParty at iPadel Event! (Held on 04/06/2019)

What a blast at our "iParty at iPadel" event this past Saturday at iPadel Houston! Now that we have an idea what this sport called "Padel" is all about, we are hooked!

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Chef Leo from Rocco's Pulls Out All of the Stops at our N.E.S.! (Held 03/28/2019)

Boy, howdy, did Chef Leo pull out all of the stops at our Networking Evening Social held this last Thursday at Rocco's!

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Veterans Education and Resources Night - Recap. (Held 03/27/2019)

Some very passionate, inspirational and educational words were shared with us during our "Veterans Education & Resources Night" yesterday evening at BakerRipley Leonel Castillo Community Center! 

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A Plethora of Mortgage Options Presented at Contacts N' Coffee! (Held 03/26/2019)

Great experience today at Contacts N' Coffee!  Owen Raun, Executive VP for City Bank Mortgage - Houston provided a lot of insight as to the variety of product offerings that they can offer!

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MD Anderson Family YMCA Better Us Campaign off to a great start!

MD Anderson Family YMCA "Better Us" Campaign is off to a great start!

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