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Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) model and small practice size allows patients to spend more time with the doctor with minimal to no time in the waiting room.

Networking Evening Social - August Edition!

Networking Evening Social - August Edition!

Our Networking Evening Social events can provide an excellent opportunity to meet with, in a more relaxed and informal environment, like-minded Business Professionals as well as Civic and Community leaders. 

This event is open to all Chamber members and their guests as well as visitors who would like to learn more about the Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce. Please bring plenty of business cards and an eagerness to share with others what it is that you do! And, if your not careful, you might just have a bit of fun to boot:-) 

Our Networking Evening Social returns to Rocco's this month! We will have one of Chef Leo's famous Appetizer Spreads (YES, this includes the BEST Calamari that this city has to offer!) for attendees + Leo's carefully curated selection of wines and beers will be available to purchase at beyond reasonable prices. 

Upon completion of this event, we highly recommend that you stay and wind the evening down with a delicious dinner lovingly prepared by Chef Leo and his loyal staff. Trust us, you WILL NOT be disappointed! (Because ALL of Chef Leo's offerings are absolutely delicious, you may have a difficult time deciding what to order. Might we suggest the Rigatoni to start?)