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Vida Family Medicine

Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) model and small practice size allows patients to spend more time with the doctor with minimal to no time in the waiting room.

Contacts N' Coffee - September Edition!

Contacts N' Coffee - September Edition!

What is equally important, however, are what entities make great referrals for you. A more structured format, these events provide EVERYONE with an opportunity to shin

This event is open to all Chamber Members, their guests and anyone else who may be interested in the Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce.

Our Featured Presenter will be LIZ CASTRO-VEGA from Dignity Memorial! Learn more about how you and your loved ones can experience peace of mind when the inevitable occurs. Liz will guide you through this process simply, sensitively and effectively.

Liz is an Active Member of the Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce and, as is typical of our Members, a true expert in her field.

We all make preparations for our family’s well-being in case of an accident or job loss. But it is just as important to plan ahead for the inevitable — to record and communicate our end-of-life wishes to help ease the stress and emotional burden on our families. Liz Castro Vega is a veteran Pre-Planning Advisor with Dignity Memorial that has been in the industry for over 16 years, with thousands of families she has helped to avoid the emotional and financial heartbreaks on their loved ones when that time comes. She serves over 44 locations in Houston area and spoke at hundreds of seminars to educate people about Pre-Planning.

Bocca Donuts & Kolachess serves up quite a bit more than just the best Donuts in town. (YES, WE STILL STAND BY THAT!) Robert and Anna Torres offer a good variety of breakfast and lunch items as well. Robert and Anna have been kind enough to create a custom breakfast selection for this event. (That includes a donut of your choice!) Not only do we believe that you will like what he creates for this event but we are confident that you will want to take a dozen (or two) of his donuts with you to share with your colleagues. (That is if you don't eat them all in the car before you make it back to them:-)

Active Silver-Level Chamber Members on up will receive one complimentary breakfast per company!

Please RSVP to this event by responding via email to james@northsidechamber.org.