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Vida Family Medicine

Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) model and small practice size allows patients to spend more time with the doctor with minimal to no time in the waiting room.

Networking Evening Social - September Edition!

Networking Evening Social - September Edition!

Our Networking Evening Social events can provide an excellent opportunity to meet with, in a more relaxed and informal environment, like-minded Business Professionals as well as Civic and Community leaders.

This event is open to all Chamber members and their guests as well as visitors who would like to learn more about the Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce.  Please bring plenty of business cards and an eagerness to share with others what it is that you do! And, if your not careful, you might just have a bit of fun to boot:-)

Coming off of the heels of sister restaurant Calle Onze providing the absolutely heavenly food at our most recent Luncheon event with Judge Hidalgo, our N.E.S. returns to Edison & Patton!

We will be providing a sampling of Edison & Patton's delicious food. (WHEN you enjoy what you have, we encourage you to stay and order a complete dinner.) Arrive within the first hour to receive significantly discounted pricing on their fabulous line of Signature Cocktails!


A local Houston restaurant for people to step out of their busy lives and into a place where they can just be themselves, share stories, ideas, and just have fun. The Edison is first and foremost a watering hole for business people and artists, foodies and craft beer connoisseurs alike.

The food is inventive, lively, and affordable. The bar appeases the palette of craft beer and specialty drink lovers. The community and spirit of Edison will begin and spread through hospitality and graciousness.