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Networking Evening Social - For January 2020!

Networking Evening Social - For January 2020!

Our Networking Evening Social events can provide an excellent opportunity to meet with, in a more relaxed and informal environment, like-minded Business Professionals as well as Civic and Community leaders.

This event is open to all Chamber members and their guests as well as visitors who would like to learn more about the Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce. Please bring plenty of business cards and an eagerness to share with others what it is that you do!  And, if your not careful, you might just have a bit of fun to boot:-)

With a large selection of beers on tap and a welcoming environment, D & T has become quite the community stalwart since its inception.

Owner's Michael and Eddie bring a novel approach in regards to food service by inviting some of our city's more well-known chefs to create "Pop Ups" at their location. This approach allows the chefs to serve some of their carefully prepared food items to different groups of people while D & T sees to it that their customers partake of some of the tastiest food dishes that our city has to offer.

We will have samples of food items for you to munch on and, if you like what you have tasted, we highly encourage you to stay for dinner. We can't wait to see what Michael and Eddie have in store for us!

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