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State House District - 148 Candidate Forum

State House District - 148 Candidate Forum
We are pleased to present a Candidate Forum featuring the two candidates who are running in the General Election for the Texas House of Representatives District 148 Seat - Penny Morales Shaw and Luis LaRotta for Texas HD 148.
Voters should make every effort to take the time to gain as much knowledge about the candidates who are asking for their vote as possible. We, as individual citizens, have varying issues that are the most important to each of us. Which candidate best represents these?
This is where Candidate Forums such as these can be a very valuable resource in determining which candidate best represents these important issues. An informed voter is a powerful voter!
Our Moderator for this event will be Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce Board Member and Community Business Representative, Cristina Morgado.
Members of the Texas House of Representatives serve two-year terms and are not subject to term limits.
State representatives introduce and vote on bills that represent the interests of their constituents (people who live in their voting district). They create new laws, modify or update old laws and serve on research committees within the legislative branch. They may address issues such as education, transportation, commerce, state taxes and any other items that are a concern to local residents. Representatives may also assist constituents with personal legal issues such as immigration or justice problems.