GNCC Board Member Wins Campeón de la Comunidad Award

We want to congratulate our very own Maria Aguirre-Borrero (Maria is a Board Member of our Chamber) of Avenue for winning the Campeón de la Comunidad award! We can think of no one who is more deserving.


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Legacy Community Health - Northline is Addressing Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity (Especially during this pandemic) is increasingly becoming an issue within our communities.  Dr. Judith Aririguzo and staff at Legacy Community Health - Northline are working diligently to create a greater awareness to our community members about its signs and ways in which to address it.

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An Educational Experience at Our Contacts N' Coffee

Our Contacts N' Coffee event held this past Tuesday was truly an educational experience for all participants.  ... Priscilla's passion for what Legacy offers was very apparent and appreciated!

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Comcast Business Offers Strong Solutions for SMBs

Those of us that weren't already convinced that Comcast Business offers, in most all cases, the best solutions for SMBs...

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Very Strong Turnout for 4th Virtual Edition of our Contacts N' Coffee

A very strong turnout for our 4th Virtual Edition of our Contacts N' Coffee stands as proof that, despite the current challenging climate, interest in Northside remains strong!

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