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Contacts N' Coffee - May Edition!

Contacts N' Coffee - May Edition!

Our apologies for the short notice but, due to the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, we are moving up the date for our Contacts N' Coffee event for May. We HIGHLY encourage you to make time in your schedule to attend, if you are a part of a business, educational or governmental entity or a non-profit, chances are likely that you can be greatly assisted by what Dr. Pamela Hernandez can offer you.

Not only that but you also have the opportunity to share with others what it is that you do and develop greater connections and enjoy some delicious food and coffee! We hope to see you there!

Take the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals (And, perhaps, an elected official, an executive director, etc..), be provided ample time to explain to all of the attendees what it is that you do and what entities would make great referrals for you and maybe even learn a thing or two. Bring your business cards and be prepared to shine! Personal interaction remains the best way to develop SOLID BUSINESS CONNECTIONS!

This event is open to all Chamber Members, their guests and anyone else who may be interested in the Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce.

Our Featured Presenter will be Pamela Hernandez, Ph.D., principal researcher and owner of Educo Research! Learn about how Dr. Hernandez can assist your business, educational, governmental or non-profit entity with a diverse range of research-oriented services that will provide your entity with the factual data needed in order to progress forward by taking the guessing away from your entity's decision making process.


About Dr. Pamela Hernandez
Pamela Hernandez, Ph.D. is the principal researcher and owner of Educo Research. Originally raised in Houston, TX, she pursued higher education and work opportunities across the U.S., from Illinois, Oregon to Maryland. Dr. Hernandez has thirteen years of professional experience in U.S. public and private higher education institutions in fields such as educational research, assessment and evaluation, as well as student leadership development, multiculturalism, diversity, social justice training, and program and fiscal management. Additionally, she worked to supported the college access and college success of Houston families, developing and managing programs, curriculum and resources to ensure relevance to a diverse population. She founded Educo Research when she engaged nonprofits and community partners, and discovered an unmet need for more research, assessment and evaluation to support organizational missions and community group projects. Educo Research assists organizations, schools, communities and institutions in building a research study, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting and sharing the findings. We also assist organizations in strategically thinking about these issues, and building human capacity through leadership development trainings.

Some of our services are:
- Qualitative research in the form of interviews, focus groups & action-based research
- Develop program assessment, measurement tools, survey & evaluation
- Provide strategic research planning
- Develop and conduct youth & adult leadership development curriculum
- Facilitate company, community retreats
- Train on diversity, cultural competency topics
- Do motivational speaking engagements (usually for youth audience members)
- Provide college & career counseling, and dissertation coaching

Organizations seek out Educo Research when:
- they have a question they need to find an answer to in their organization, and the data they have found does not answer that questions
- they want to find out the needs, satisfaction level, learning capabilities of a group of people
- they have data themselves but do not know how to interpret it or organize it
- they want to redesign or develop leadership training curriculum for their organization
- they want to do a community meeting that will require a facilitator because they (the organization) too wants to participate in the conversation
- they want to submit a grant proposal and they would like to gather or conduct research to strengthen the proposal
- they have a grant proposal that says they will do X research in a community, but don't know how to do the research

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