GNCC Particpates in Grand Opening of CenterWell Senior Primary Care

It was privilege to provide the Ribbon Cutting portion of CenterWell Senior Primary Care's Grand Opening Celebration last week!

GNCC Celebrates Vida Family Medicine's Move to Upgraded Facility

We are privileged to have Dr. Berens at Vida Family Medicine with our Chamber!  Thanks to our Members who attended our Ribbon Cutting Event to join Dr. Berens in her celebration!


Great Connections, Great Presentations and Great Food at CnC

Great Connections, Great Presentations and Great Food all at the same event! Sounds pretty good, eh? Well, these three experiences are exactly what occurred at our recent Contacts N' Coffee held this past Tuesday at The Original Alamo Tamales!

Lunch N' Learn Educates All Regarding Benefits of CBD

Everyone of us attending walked in possessing little knowledge regarding CBD-related therapies. Thanks to our Educator, Amanda Rossen, Presidential Founder of CBDTX.com / Green Compass Global, we all walked away much more informed.