Member Spotlight

Vida Family Medicine

Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) model and small practice size allows patients to spend more time with the doctor with minimal to no time in the waiting room.


Dr. Rebecca Berens Provides Clarification Regarding COVID Vaccines

Many thanks to our very own Dr. Rebecca Berens of Vida Family Medicine for taking the time to provide clarification to all of us regarding our COVID-19 vaccination program.

Great Energy & Presence at Recent Contacts N' Coffee

Our Featured Presenters - Cristina Martinez, Founder & CEO of The Laca Agency - Cristina E Martinez, Broker and Ian Tucker, Founder & CEO of Grafton Funding simply knocked it out of the park...

Trash Panda Delivers the Goods at Networking Evening Social!

Great times and Great Connections were the theme at our Network Evening Social that was held at Trash Panda Drinking Club this past Wednesday!

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Meet & Greet w/ HPD Asst. Chief an Inspiring One

The Meet & Greet held this past Saturday at The Original Alamo Tamales with Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Patricia Cantu was a very inspiring one!


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Contacts N' Coffee Well Attended w/ Strong Levels of Participation

Our Contacts N' Coffee event held this past Tuesday at The Original Alamo Tamales was not only well attended but had strong levels of participation and engagement from our attendees, very educational presentations from our Featured Presenters and the most incredible breakfast!

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