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Vida Family Medicine

Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) model and small practice size allows patients to spend more time with the doctor with minimal to no time in the waiting room.


First Contacts N' Coffee Event w/ Two Featured Presenters a Success

Our Contacts N' Coffee event held this past Tuesday was our first to have two Featured Presenters. We are happy to state that we believe that this format did very well and is something that we will continue to feature moving forward!

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Ribbon Cutting at Canary Cafe Signals a New Beginning

Our Ribbon Cutting for Canary Cafe signaled a New Beginning in a couple of ways:  1. A vision was finally made a reality for two dedicated owners. 2. This event signaled a return to in person events after being on hold for over a year.

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Contacts N' Coffee Provides 2021 with a Good Start

Our January Contacts N' Coffee held this past Tuesday (via Zoom) provided us with a good start for 2021!

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Meeting to be Held This Thursday to Discuss Proposed Changes at Leonel Castillo

Your participation is very important in determining the future for our Leonel Castillo Community Center.


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Happy Holidays!!

All of us at the Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays!!


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