Great Energy & Presence at Recent Contacts N' Coffee

There was a great energy and presence at our Contacts N' Coffee event held this past Tuesday at The Original Alamo Tamales!


Our Featured Presenters - Cristina Martinez, Founder & CEO of The Laca Agency - Cristina E Martinez, Broker and Ian Tucker, Founder & CEO of Grafton Funding simply knocked it out of the park with their very informative and educational presentations! Very grateful thanks to the both of them for their integral role in making this session the success that it was!


Heartfelt thanks to Cynthia Rivera and Betty Castro from The Original Alamo Tamales for continuing to make us feel so welcome and for their simply superb breakfast offerings! We couldn't do these type of event without them!


Shouts from the mountaintop to our many Members who participated including:

Liz Castro-Vega & Joel Araujo - Dignity Memorial,

Ian Tucker - Grafton Funding,

Cristina Martinez, Elodia Gallo, Maribel Acevedo & Tiffany Song - The Laca Agency - Cristina E Martinez, Broker

Jennifer Medrano - Merrill Lynch,

Karissa Gutierrez - Vanity Ink Houston- PMU by Karissa,

Rachelle Park - City Publications Houston,

Tina Morgado - Health Insurance with Tina

Reena Bansal - Vincatech1,

Cynthia Rivera - The Original Alamo Tamales,

Lenora Sorola-Pohlman - Navarro Insurance Group,

Maribel & Alejandro Rodriguez - Sunshine Personnel Solutions, LLC,

Erika Alvarez - Frost,

Tonda Hall - Wesley Community Center,

Jessica Montiel - Dedicated Senior Medical Center.


We are continuing to be impressed with the number of Visitors that we are receiving at our recent events! Many of whom end up becoming Members! It's the charm of Northside - What can we say?:-)