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Very Strong Turnout for 4th Virtual Edition of our Contacts N' Coffee

A very strong turnout for our 4th Virtual Edition of our Contacts N' Coffee stands as proof that, despite the current challenging climate, interest in Northside remains strong!

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Complimentary COVID-19 Kits for Businesses Available!

We have a quantity of these kits available and will be dispersing them over the next week.

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Helpful Resource in the Fight Against COVID-19 Featured at Contacts N' Coffee

For those that participated in our most recent Contacts N' Coffee event held this past Tuesday, we all learned that we have a strong ally...

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Harris County Recovery Czar, Rep. Armando Walle is Working Hard for Us

For those who were unable to attend - Here is a link to the Zoom video.

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Creating Safer Work Environments the Focus of Recent C n' C Event

Importantly, we learned a plethora of very valuable information regarding the creation of a safer workplace environment doing this COVID-19 pandemic as well as having many other COVID-19 questions and concerns answered and addressed.

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