Candidates for HD-148 Seat Provide a Clearer Picture at Candidate Forum

A very lively Candidate Forum between our two remaining candidates engaged in a runoff for our House District 148 was held this past Tuesday at BakerRipley Leonel Castillo Community Center


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A Very Warm Northside Welcome was Provided to The Houston Roughnecks!

What a fabulous event with Head Coach June Jones and Team President Brian Michael Cooper of the Houston Roughnecks this past Thursday. 

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UH-D's New Sciences of Technology is State of the Art!

Exciting things just keep happening at University of Houston-Downtown!  This past Thursday we were thrilled to take part in the celebration ceremony of the open of their State of the Art College of Sciences Technology Building! 

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Richard Reyes (AKA Pancho Claus) Closes Out 2019 in an Inspiring Way.

Our final event for 2019 was something very special.  We were graced by a true Northside legend in Mr. Richard Reyes (AKA Pancho Claus) as our Featured Presenter at our Contacts N' Coffee event held on December 17 at Alamo Tamale & Taco.

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A Celebratory Mood in Place at GNCC Holiday Gathering!

Many thanks to our tremendous Members and guests who came out to celebrate this holiday season at our holiday gathering held at Edison Houston back on December 12!

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