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Richard Reyes (AKA Pancho Claus) Closes Out 2019 in an Inspiring Way.

Our final event for 2019 was something very special.  We were graced by a true Northside legend in Mr. Richard Reyes (AKA Pancho Claus) as our Featured Presenter at our Contacts N' Coffee event held on December 17 at Alamo Tamale & Taco.

Mr. Reyes shared with all of us his inspiring story of what drove him to be the humanitarian that defines both the man and the legend.  We are absolutely thrilled that he is back on board as the Executive Director at Talento Bilingue De Houston and are excited for all that he has in store for us!

Sincerest gratitude to Cynthia Rivera and staff at Alamo Tamale & Taco for the assortment of awesome food items and for bring such accommodating and tremendous hosts!

We were honored once again to have Council Member Karla Cisneros stop by to visit with all of us and to show her support to her longtime friend in Mr. Reyes!

Shout Outs to our Members in attendance:

Lenora Sorola-Pohlman - Navarro Insurance Group,

Monica Montalbano - Monica Montalbano, Hairdresser/Color Expert,

Cynthia Rivera - Alamo Tamale & Taco,

Craig Castillo - 7k Metals,

J.P. Cortez - MD Anderson Family YMCA,

Deborah Chadwick - Mamma Altman's Kangaroo Pizza,

E.J. Negrete - Finest Auto Body and Paint LLC,

Margi Duncan - Margi Duncan - A Primerica Representative,

Belen Saucedo - iPadel Houston,

Sylvia Padilla - Greater Northside Management District,

Connie Leon - Wesley Community Center,

Gina Overton - The Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce.

We also were very happy to see so many visitors in attendance!  Don't be a stranger!

Thanks to all in attendance - both Members and Visitors - for their generous donation of toys that were provided to the fine folks at Wesley Community Center to be disbursed to the children in need this holiday season.


Here's wishing all of you a Happy Holiday Season!  We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces in 2020!

Sincerest regards,


James Montalbano, Executive Director