GNCC Holiday Toy Drive - Please Contribute if You Can

We are asking you for your support in assisting us with our Annual Holiday Toy Drive.  Please visit our registry at  https://bit.ly/3ofCCxR. Your consideration is much appreciated.


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Information and Clarity Gathered at Recent Contacts N' Coffee

There was some very valuable information as well as some clarity garnered at our latest Contacts N' Coffee event featuring Mr. Vincent L. Sanders from Houston METRO that was held this past Tuesday!


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GNCC Sponsors Families of Northside High School Students

We, at the GNCC, were happy to sponsor many families of students at Northside High School in receiving a complete Thanksgiving Dinner.


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More Connections and Knowledge Gained at Contacts N' Coffee

More connections and knowledge were gained at our Contacts N' Coffee held this past Tuesday. Sincere thanks to Brenda Velazquez from Future Sign Company...

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Differences Pronounced at Candidate Forum for HD-148 Seat

The differences between the two Candidates for the State HD-148 Seat - Penny Morales Shaw and Luis LaRotta were pronounced at our Candidate Forum held this past Tuesday.

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