Trash Panda Delivers the Goods at Networking Evening Social!

Great times and Great Connections were the theme at our Network Evening Social that was held at Trash Panda Drinking Club this past Wednesday!
A major salute to Chris Manriquez, Greg Perez, Chef Lyle Bento and the Night Moves group for the festive concept, heavenly food items, refreshing cocktails and just overall good vibes!
Heartfelt thanks to Manager, Logan Pollak and staff for the tremendous service and for being so accommodating to each and every one of us!
Major shout outs always go out to all of our Esteemed Members in attendance including:
James Healy - Healy Consulting,
Jennifer Medrano - Merrill Lynch,
Rachel Goldstein - RachelGoldstein, cabi stylist,
Dr. Pamela Hernandez - Educo Research,
Hector Castellanos - Hector Castellanos,
Ian Tucker - Grafton Funding.
We had a very impressive number of Visitors this go round! Welcome to Northside - We hope to see all of you again very soon!