Lunch N' Learn - Make Your Business Stand Out!

Lunch N' Learn - Make Your Business Stand Out!

Our topic for our December Lunch N' Learn will be a more encompassing one. The topic will be "Make Your Business Stand Out".


You will hear from five different professionals in the Marketing and Communication field on how to start your engines and create your brand, drive customers to your business and stand out in today’s crowded field. Use these tips to create a winning formula for success!


Allison Wilkins McPhail with Evin Thayer Studios on Creating and Establishing Your Brand.


Suzy Hartgrove with MyHart Communications will help you understand how to Communicate Your Brand.


It’s a Sign – literally. Patrick Amante with Tasman Signs will inform you how to show off that brand.


Let’s get Social! Josh Jarman with Media Peak Marketing will teach us ways of Using Digital Tools to Grow Your Audience


Taking advantage and Identifying Marketing Opportunities to Showcase Your Brand and Gain Customers. Cathy Peters with At Home in the Heights Magazine will show us ways in which to expand your services to target audiences.


Last but not least is Willie Diefenbach-Jones with Greener Still to give you the secret sauce to Gaining and Retainer Customers.


Due to an expected large turnout, we will be holding this event at the La Mansion Banquet Hall at Alamo Tamales. Be prepared for a delicious selection of food items from Cynthia and Betty. And...you can pick up your Tamales for the holidays while you are there!