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What a Blast at our iParty at iPadel Event! (Held on 04/06/2019)

What a blast at our "iParty at iPadel" event this past Saturday at iPadel Houston! Now that we have an idea what this sport called "Padel" is all about, we are hooked! (If you were unable to attend and had never been to iPadel previously, we are confident that you will be too once you have tried it.)

iPadel Houston owners and founders, Belen Saucedo and Mike May were very gracious hosts and tremendous instructors! Many thanks to them for opening up their place to all us.

Very heartfelt thanks to GM Joe Adkin and Owner Chris Manriquez from Edison Houston for voluntarily donating a boat load of delicious food for this event! All of you really stepped up for us and we sincerely appreciate it.

Very special thanks to Elizabeth Valentine and Chris from SpindleTap Brewery for their time in contributing to this event and their donation of their amazingly tasty yet refreshing brews!

Shout out to Virginia Rodriguez Perlado from Colora Health Coaching for consulting us on how to make up for all of the beer, hot dogs and breakfast tacos that we consumed.

Sincere thanks also to Council Member Karla Cisneros for taking the time out of her busy schedule to not only visit with us but to actually play out in the sun in a dress and heels!

We also must thank our many Members. Board Members and Community Members that made this event so much fun. We exist because of all of you!