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Kudos, galore, for the Large Turnout at Our Contacts N' Coffee Yesterday!

Kudos, galore, go out to the great number of attendees that turned out (on such short notice) to our Contacts N' Coffee to hear a very informative and inspirational presentation from Dr. Pamela Hernandez of Educo Research!

Dr. Hernandez can assist many different entities with many different facets of their operation and we all learned a lot more about what all that she can provide. Don't merely throw concepts and money up against a wall and see what sticks. Let Dr. Hernandez research and develop the correct data for you so that your organization's resources, time and money are well utilized. In other words - Get the facts!

Thanks to Christian and staff at Edison Houston for taking such good care of us!

Shout outs to our Members in attendance!

Fred Bakenhus from FSB Electric LLC,
Judy Maldonado from Cardinal Financial of Houston,
Rachel Dvoretzky from Project GRAD Houston,
Monica Montalbano from Monica Montalbano, Hairdresser/Color Expert,
Tina Morgado and Vince Nguyen from ABC Dental Crosstimbers,
Aijaz Syed from Convenient Urgent Care,
J.P. Cortez from MD Anderson Family YMCA,
Amy Corron from Wesley Community Center,
Belen Saucedo from iPadel Houston,
Deborah Chadwick from Mamma Altman's Kangaroo Pizza,
Martha Beaudry from Martha Beaudry - Realtor, Resource, Friend.,
Cindy Stinson, Ambassador, from The Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce.

Kudos, as always, to our visitors in attendance. We hope to see all of you again!

Let's continue to build this momentum headed into the Summer months!

James Montalbano, Executive Director