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Tremendous Turnout at Our Latest Contacts N' Coffee!

Wow, what a turnout at our last Contacts N' Coffee held at Trigos Mexican this past Tuesday! Our Featured Presenter, Diana Lerma Pfeifer, President of Lindale Park Civic Club, simply "knocked it out of the park" with her inspiring message.

Instead of sharing a lot of information about the history of Lindale Park, Diana chose, instead, to focus, not only on the present and future activities involving Lindale Park. She also provided valuable information to all of us in attendance on how each and every one of us can become better involved within our own respective communities. (We have a strong suspicion that Civic Clubs in some of the communities in our region suddenly received a bump in volunteers!)

We were honored to have Council Member, Council Member Karla Cisneros as one of our attendees along with following Members!

Vicky Salinas Colorado, Ed Reyes, Bea Rosales, Mike Bolin, Hector Coronado, Sylvia Cavazos, Lindale Park Civic Club,
Jordan Bailey, Sabo Accounting and Tax Services, P.C.,
Owen Raun, Owen Raun, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS # 28820,
Samantha Sherman, Wesley Community Center,
Tina Morgado and Jorge Cotte, Funeraria Del Angel,
Ramiro Fonseca, Project GRAD Houston,
Martha Beaudry, Martha Beaudry - Realtor, Resource, Friend.,
Lenora Sorola Pohlman, Navarro Insurance Group,
Belen Saucedo, iPadel Houston,
Deborah Chadwick, Mamma Altman's Kangaroo Pizza,
J.P. Cortez, MD Anderson Family YMCA,
Joel Celaya, Heartland Payment Systems,
Yvette Diaz, Law Firm of Armando Diaz.

Plus, shout outs to our many visitors this go round - Please don't be a stranger!

Thanks to Rocio and staff at Trigos Mexican for their gracious service and delicious food!

Until we meet again...