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Yes, "The Tower" at Raven Tower is Now Officially Open!

Yes, it is official...The Tower at Raven Tower is now open to the public! Many Chamber Members, Area Residents and Curiosity Seekers were in attendance this past Thursday to watch Managing Member Johnny So cut the ribbon and let the festivities for then, now and in the future begin.

The Tower easily has one of the best views of our picturesque Downtown skyline imaginable. Whether you are in the dimly lit and classy interior portion or on the roof, you will simply be amazed at the experience. We can't wait to go back!

Many thanks to Johnny So, GM, Emery Gonzales and staff from Raven Tower for all of their assistance and cooperation in staging this event!

Thanks, also, to Will Thomas (Also a Managing Member at Raven Tower, Melissa and staff from Cosmo Flamingo for the delicious (and freshly prepared to order) chicken and beef tacos!

With a state of the art live music venue in White Oak Music Hall, an excellent hang experience at Raven Tower, delicious, freshly prepared food from Cosmo Flamingo and an opportunity to burn off some of calories accumulated by playing some volleyball at Sideout Volleybar all located on one property, we think that this is a winning combination no matter where in town that this all may be located. The fact that all of this exist right here in our very own Northside makes this even more special for all of us here!

We, at The Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce, are grateful to Johnny, Will, Will Garwood and Jagi Katial for having the vision to foresee, what many of us Northsiders knew all along, that Northside is a tremendous community in which to be a part of.

Thanks to all of you who attended!