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Mayor Turner on Hand to Present Hispanic Officer of the Year Awards

Heartfelt thanks to Lenora Sorola-Pohlman from Navarro Insurance Group and her husband John (Retired after 47 Years with HPD!) for inviting one of our Platinum Sponsors, Cynthia Rivera from The Original Alamo Tamales and myself to join them for the Hispanic Officer of the Year Awards being presented this past Friday at Downtown Aquarium - Houston by The Hispanic Officer of the Year Committee! (To find out more about this fine organization and to donate, please visit their website at https://hpd-hoy.com/.)


Mayor Sylvester Turner was on hand to present the awards not only to the officers, but as a acknowledgement to all of their families who are there to support them. The ceremony was filled with speeches that came truly from the heart of those that delivered them and served as an inspiration to us all as to the sacrifices that these officers make every day to ensure our safety.


Let's take time to think kind thoughts about these men and women. They earn and deserve our respect.




James Montalbano

Executive Director, The Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce


Many thanks to Cynthia Rivera for the photos!