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Need for Education was Pronouced at AARP Event Last Week.

It really does come down to education.  This was very apparent at our event featuring new Associate State Director for AARP-Houston office / AARP Texas, Rosalinda Martinez held this past week at Wesley Community Center.

Approximately 75 senior citizens along with several representatives of our non-profit and business community were in attendance and not only learned about AARP's new programs entitled "Workplace Caregiving Tool Kit" and "Pledge Against Age Discrimination" but also learned about the other vast amount of resources that AARP can assist people of all ages with. 

The assistance that AARP can provide can truly be life changers not only for the senior citizens but for their caregivers, family members and family members' employers.  If you are in a situation where you are faced with providing care for a loved one, PLEASE reach out to AARP.  They can provide you with the tools necessary to take on this task.  You will not be alone.

Many thanks to Rosalinda Martinez from AARP-Houston office / AARP Texas for her very eloquent, informative and inspiring presentation. (Presented in both English and Spanish!) She truly represents AARP and our community very well!  

Thanks to Amy Corron, Sam Sherman and staff at Wesley Community Center for being such welcoming and accommodating hosts! 

Shout outs to our Members in attendance - Dr. Pamela Hernandez from EDUCO Educational Research Centre and Lenora Senora-Pohlman from Navarro Insurance Group for taking the time to come out learn more about what is available to them both as employers and possible caregivers.

Also, thanks to all of our other attendees who took time out of their day to learn more about the vast amount of resources that are available to both them and those that care for them.