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Candidates for HD-148 Seat Provide a Clearer Picture at Candidate Forum

A very lively Candidate Forum between our two remaining candidates engaged in a runoff for our House District 148 was held this past Tuesday at BakerRipley Leonel Castillo Community Center. Anna Eastman and Luis LaRotta both passionately responded to the questions asked of them and provided those in attendance a clearer picture of which candidate they will vote for.


Many thanks to Candidates Eastman and LaRotta for taking time to present their views on the issues that concern our community and, importantly, many thanks to all of those in attendance for taking the time to better educate themselves on which candidate more clearly reflects their beliefs.


Remember, an educated electorate is an effective electorate!


Thanks to Avenue, BakerRipley (BakerRipley Leonel Castillo Community Center) and GO Neighborhoods Northside Houston for the partnership in presenting this event with us!