Contacts N' Coffee Provides 2021 with a Good Start

Our January Contacts N' Coffee held this past Tuesday (via Zoom) provided us with a good start for 2021! Our sincerest thanks to Dawn Sabo, CPA - President & Founder of Sabo Accounting and Tax Services, P.C.Payroll Vault - Houston, West Central Area for simply "Knocking it Out of the Park" with her very informative presentation! We learned about some of the key changes in our tax policies, details about the new PPP 2 Loan process and more.

Most importantly, we learned that you and your organization do not have to maneuver around these processes alone. Dawn and her staff can be there every step of the way to assist you and your organization in addressing these processes so that you can better focus on your growing your organization.

Many thanks also to Kimberly Wooden from  Workforce Solutions for informing us about some very valuable programs that they are offering small businesses and retail outlets!

We salute our other much cherished Members who participated!

Lenora Sorola-Pohlman -  Navarro Insurance Group,

Dr. Pamela Hernandez -  Educo Research & Vice Chair, The Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce,

Owen Raun - Owen Raun, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS # 28820,

Margi Duncan - Margi Duncan - A Primerica Representative.

Rachel Goldstein - RachelGoldstein, cabi stylist,

Angie Wells & Kory Haywood - Office of Rep. Sylvia Garcia,

Ramiro Fonseca - Project GRAD Houston,

Tonda Hall - Wesley Community Center,

Priscilla Meehan - Legacy Community Health - Northline,

DeAndra Edwards-Stanley - MD Anderson Family YMCA.

We are also very grateful to many, many Visitors that participated this time around. We hope to have all of you as Members!  We are thrilled at the prospects for our upcoming Contacts N' Coffee in February. Stay tuned...