Member Spotlight

Vida Family Medicine

Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) model and small practice size allows patients to spend more time with the doctor with minimal to no time in the waiting room.

Triumphant Return to Our Completely In-Person Contacts N' Coffee

A triumphant return to our completely in-person Contacts N' Coffee this past Tuesday! Our Featured Presenters Willie Diefenbach-Jones (Affectionately known as "Willie D.J.") of Greener Still and Mike McMillen of Xtreme Audio and Video each knocked it out of the park with not only their highly professional, yet personal presentations but also, because the respective products & services that each offers can make a tremendous difference in both our business and personal lives!


Thanks of the highest order go to Cynthia Rivera and Betty Castro at The Original Alamo Tamales for not only the tremendously delicious food and service but for also making all of us feel so welcome and at home!


Of course, events such as these are only as good as its participants. So we must provide our sincere thanks to all of our Members in attendance including:

Carol Peters - Best Version Media,

Brenda & Luis Velazquez - Future Sign Company,

Willie Diefenbach-Jones - Greener Still,

Rachelle Park - City Publications Houston,

Cynthia Rivera - The Original Alamo Tamales,

Suzy Hartgrove - MyHart Communications,

Owen Raun - Owen Raun, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS # 28820,

Lenora Sorola-Pohlman - Navarro Insurance Group,

Hector Castellanos - Hector Castellanos,

Mike McMillen - Xtreme Audio and Video,

Adrianna Fitzpatrick - Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM),

Jorge Cotte - Funeraria Del Angel, - Thanks, Jorge, for the use of your projector & screen!

Erika Alvarez - Frost,

Teresa Flores - Also our Board Chair!,

Tina Morgado - Tina Morgado - Health Insurance Agent.


We were also honored by the presence and participation of State Representative Rep. Penny Morales Shaw. Thank you, Rep. Shaw for taking time out of your very busy schedule to participate with us!


We would be remiss not to include our many visitors who participated this time. We hope to see all of you again!